Day # 1

So day 1 of my 30 days to a happier and healthier me challenge has taught me so much. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that when starting one of these types of challenges is to always prepare ahead! I felt so silly for being so unprepared, like seriously next level unpreparedness. This is the list of things I probably should have prepared for.

1) I should have picked up my Arbonne order on time!
This challenge is based around the Arbonne nutrition line, so I purchased the ASVP (Arbonne Special Value Pack) and was all set. I had my order sent to the will call office in Mississauga assuming I’d be able to pick it up on time. Then life got in the way and I ended up not being able to pick it up on time. While not having my order on time wasn’t too big of a deal, it kind of felt like I was missing out. Everyone participating in the challenge started posting recipes involving protium shakes and such and I felt this need to get involved and try these shakes. I was so excited to try the nutrition line and having to wait until I have time to pick up my order was a bit of a let down. In putting off picking up my order I’ve also got to suffer in the extreme -25 wind chill in Toronto. They say hindsight is 20/20 and I’ve 100% learned my lesson not to put things off!

2) Buy groceries ahead of time
This also ties into the whole trying the new recipes that people have shared train of thought. The way that the suggested meal plans have been set up is that they focus on getting protein, vegetables and good fat in each meal. Before starting this challenge I hadn’t purchased groceries in about 2 weeks, BAD IDEA! I had almost no food in my kitchen let alone healthy options. I had the smallest and most rag tag breakfast that I could manage. I made oatmeal, with peanuts and an orange. It was good and filling, but not as exciting as the recipes that were being posted. I also was unable to plan meals for my day. I did buy my groceries once I finished my breakfast which in itself was very exciting trying to find new fun recipes, but it was very rushed because I just wanted to be done so I could try my new suggested recipes. Lesson learned plan ahead buy groceries!

Essentially I learned when trying to eat healthier you absolutely need to plan ahead! I am a very detail oriented person and I am usually quite good at planning ahead, but in this case it just slipped my mind. I was very prepared for the exceeding portion of the challenge. I had my exercise clothes all ready for me in the morning and I had my water ready I was all set, but for the healthy clean eating side of things I was so not ready!

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