Day # 2

Day 2 has gone much better than day 1. I finally picked up my Arbonne order so now I can actually take my protein shakes and participate in the Arbonne side of the challenge and I’m super excited. I have also learned my lesson in not putting things off and being prepared. Choosing to commute and wait outside in the blistering -25 windchill in Toronto was not a good idea. LESSON LEARNED!

In other news my body absolutely hates me after the first day of exercising. Everything hurts, specifically my butt. It’s a good pain it means that I am on track and getting into shape, and man does it appear I need to get into shape! Getting out of bed this morning was a huge accomplishment. Every muscle in my body rebelled against me, but I did it and I survived today’s exercise routine. Everything felt like jelly, but it was worth it.

I’m going to start posting a featured meal that I really enjoyed each day. Today’s feature will be my breakfast. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some Greek yogurt. It turned out really well. I put sunflower seeds and raisins in it and it was really good. Exactly the start to the day I needed.


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